Security & Surveillance Toolkit

Our customers are responsible for securing complex border and perimeter environments with an array of legacy systems, new technology, and cost-constrained operations. Every day, our customers keep their environment secure by identifying and responding to possible intrusions and other threats based on complex inter-related streams of live data from various types of data sources. Our customers have the advantage of relying on the advanced surveillance analytics technology in the Security & Surveillance ToolkitTM to simplify the information flow and reliably pinpoint and respond to high priority threats.

SSTK Summary

The Security & Surveillance Toolkit, or SSTK, provides real time surveillance analytics, automatic threat characterization, and rapid response management for complex wide area border and perimeter security installations.

SSTK gives your security team full situational awareness through a highly reliable information fusion technique that forms an intuitive real-time, geo-referenced, common operating picture coupled with automated threat prioritization, interrogation and interdiction tasking. SSTK integrates sensors and other surveillance equipment to efficiently secure borders, perimeters, seaports, harbors, airports, utilities and other high value wide area installations.

Key Capabilities:

SSTK Concept of Operations

SSTK Architecture


Key features include:

  • Data acquisition, parsing, conversion, normalization, recording, and playback
  • Advanced object and intrusion detection, tracking, and characterization
  • Threat analysis based on patterns of movement
  • Reconfigurable sensors, blue force, and maps without design change
  • Map presentation, geo-referencing, rendering, and continuous and interactive display of red force, blue force, and other friendly tracks in 4 dimensions
  • Automated response tasking via configurable policy rules
  • Automatic or manual target prioritization and tracking with PTZ imagers and camera steering
  • Sensor auto-queue, slew, and track
  • Reconfigurable user interfaces for situational awareness and control, sensor tasking, blue force queue-to-target and tracking, and post engagement analysis
  • System simulation, test, and training
  • Remote COP and sensor data distribution
  • Accommodates new sensor technology


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