Threat Characterization, Advisory and Response

Real-time tactical threat identification, classification, and prioritization is a key element of the detect-to-intercept process.

SSTK allows security managers to configure the system to automatically identify threats and respond to particular events. Operators define tactical threat identification and response criteria, or rules, to detect threats, issue alarms, and react to designated triggers. SSTK evaluates the position of every track relative to a database of geographic information in real-time. Threats are prioritized by comparing geodetic coordinates and kinematic behavior, or movement patterns derived from the integrated data stream to custom rules such as “crosses border,” “circumvents check point,” “vectors to critical assets,” “avoids Blue Force agents,” or “rendezvous with other tracks.”

When a track activates a rule, an advisory is issued to the operator via the COP and the track is visually emphasized on the tactical map display.  Rules are weighted based on their criticality. They can also be aggregated so that multiple rule activations will increase or decrease the calculated threat priority. Priority threats are kept in focus for operators and Imager mounts.

SSTK aids operators in identifying potential threats within an operational area and uses expert systems methods to assess the behavior of tracks and issue threat. Target tracking and prioritization also clarifies Blue Force agent tasking.


Security & Surveillance Toolkit Overview

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