TelSim™ Telemetry Simulator

Real-time Dynamic Telemetry Simulation Appliance

The TelSim™ all-in-one Telemetry simulation environment is designed to solve your mission simulation, telemetry ground systems testing, and training needs in a turnkey package. It can be configured for anything from simple pattern generation to interactive modeling or real-time automated control sequences. TelSim™ provides dynamic real-time telemetry simulation using automated reactive control via simple user interaction.

Operations and test organizations can enhance personnel and systems readiness without impacting availability of operational assets, accommodating a full range of realistic nominal and non- nominal mission scenarios. The TelSim™ provides real-time generation of complex serial data streamer, including IRG 106 compliant telemetry. It’s capable of fully independent operation that can be plugged-in to any telemetry ground station as a headless server, or with a fully interactive multi-user graphical user interface.

Major Features

  • Fully integrated simulation environment that can model the continuous or discrete time behavior of any external system.
  • Dynamic data is commutated into a telemetry transmission stream in real-time
  • Mission scenarios are easy to define and organize.
  • Simple user-friendly operation makes TelSim™ ideal for supporting all phases of testing and training.

Typical Applications

  • Ground systems test/ verification
  • Interactive operations crew training (nominal & non-nominal dynamics)
  • End-to-end mission simulations and dress rehearsals

The TelSim™ modeling engine allows a systems engineer to quickly create interactive models using a point and click GUI or high level scripting language. A programming library is also available that supports the integration of 3rd party models.

TelSim™ enables simulations to be scalable in fidelity so they can operate stand alone, or integrated with other models to create large-scale mission simulations. TelSim™ also supports telemetry acquisition, processing, and recording for mission playback and replay of post decom data with simulation models.



  • Real-time IRIG 106 telemetry simulation appliance capable of fully independent operation that can be plugged into any telemetry ground station.
  • Supports simultaneous telemetry acquisition, processing and recording for missions playback and replay of post decom data with simulation models.
  • Modular software architecture decouples telemetry– processing details from simulation environment.
  • Built on top of generic real-time command and control middle ware that includes service for data processing, visualization, archived, data reduction and analysis, and network centric operation.
  • Configuration and telemetry description managed using validation XML. Can exchange format data with any database scheme.


  • Real-time and user configurable variable time engine.
  • Simulation modules: measurements (sensors/data
  • Built-in simulation waveforms modules
  • Waveform module control: sample rate, amplitude, offset, period, bias, delay, etc. are configurable.
  • Simulation module operation: create update, query, delete.
  • Command module: evaluates a procedure, script, or function upon command receipt.
  • Event module: initiated by a synch trigger or condition: time, commands, or other groups behaviors.
  • External time sync or internal simulation time generation.
  • Open interface for integration of MATLAB and other third party analysis tools.
  • User defined modules: based on TcL, C, or C++ returns a simulated value based on user defined algorithm
  • Delimited modules: allows non-linear data or previously recorded data to be played from a file (ideal for TSPI simulation)
  • Raw Playback of recorded data
  • Simulation Development Environment

Bit Synchronizer

  • Accepts all IRG 106-09 PCM code types
  • Bit Synch programmable input rates from 1 bps to 33 Mbps
  • Less than 1 dB to theoretical bit sync BER performance
  • All IRIG 106-09 code types are selectable for PCM output

Frame Synchronizer

  • Supports PCM streams from 1 bps up to 33 Mbps
  • Supports up to 1024 minor frames per major frame

IRIG Time Code Reader

  • Supports IRIG A, B, G & NASA-36

PCM Simulator

  • Programmable PCM streams from 1 bps up to 33 Mbps
  • Frame Sync Archive playback capability
  • Selectable output code type
  • TTL and RS422 output capability

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