SSTK Architecture

SSTK is a reusable framework of common open architecture components that can be configured for a wide array of automated command and control applications. Components for sensor fusion and correlation, sensor tasking and control, threat analysis and advisory, and a tactical map display for a common operating picture are inter operable plug-ins to the surveillance framework. Data from multiple surveillance sensors, intelligence, and field forces or agents is combined into a single, unambiguous data set to produce an integrated and continuous information stream. The resulting COP allows security teams to deal with conflicting data and continuously revises interim results as more data becomes available. Threat advisorytargeting, and interdiction tasking components analyze the information stream to alert operators and agents while providing continuously updated tasking and direction to interdiction forces.

SSTK Functional Architecture

The SSTK software framework integrates sensors, algorithms, controllers, and other common components to support evolving surveillance and intelligence requirements. Core Services provide basic surveillance functions out-of-the-box such as sensor acquisition, sensor data processing, data reduction and recording, simulation, systems management, map visualization, and track geo-referencing. SSTK can be customized to particular installations and operations by extending existing software patterns and templates to create specific sensor plug-ins, integrate fusion algorithms and site-specific sensor controls, and customize the user interface.

SSTK Data Flow

In the example below, an SSTK platform is configured to acquire and correlate data from cameras, ground sensors, and radar. The architecture shown uses SSTK to manage and analyze sensor data, present a COP on an operations center data wall via a matrix switch that can also feed live video to displays, and send alerts, maps, and manage interdiction tasking to a mobile agent.

Example of a customized CCTK system


Security & Surveillance Toolkit Overview

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