Titusville Small Business Plays Big Role in Recent Antares A-1 Launch

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TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA – April 24, 2013 – Command and Control Technologies Corporation (CCT), a small business located in Titusville, Florida, played a big role in the recent Antares A-1 launch success from Launch Complex 0A at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

Under contract to the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, CCT designed and implemented the pad control system for launch pad 0A used in the recent Antares maiden flight.  This integrated pad control system is responsible for the automated operation of critical systems used to support launch operations.  CCT’s design controls and automates the ground support equipment and processes used to load liquid oxygen and RP-1, monitor launch vehicle environmental conditions, control high pressure gases, monitor the transporter/erector, operate the water deluge system, and monitor other functions critical to ground operations.  Based on CCT’s flagship products Command and Control Toolkit™ and T-Zero™, the system represents a significant advance in the use of off the shelf products and industrial automation components to provide a high reliability, mission critical control system that provides a high level of process automation to launch operations.

In addition to the pad systems Orbital Sciences adopted CCT’s Command and Control Toolkit™ product as the basis for components of the Antares launch control system.

“It is a rare opportunity to have the chance to be involved in the development of a completely new launch complex and launch vehicle program,”, said company president Peter Simons, “CCT was honored to have played a role in the development of the launch pad and launch systems for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport and Antares program and hope to continue our involvement in commercial space development for some time to come.”

About CCT

Command and Control Technologies Corporation provides real-time mission critical automation to help decision makers control their operations efficiently and effectively. Based in Titusville, Florida near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, CCT specializes in the design and development of highly automated control systems for mission critical applications like range control, space launch, automated perimeter security, and industrial process control. See www.cctcorp.com for more information.

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