Command and Control Toolkit Software Options

CCTK is an open software framework for the development of command and control systems specific to a user mission and concept of operation.  CCTK supports a wide range of software options to help customize the system to an individual customers interface and display needs.  Some options available for CCTK include:

  • Additional client licenses for installations requiring multiple operators.
  • A full featured development environment for users who wish to access advanced functions through the C/C++ programming library.
  • A full-featured, real-time geographic information system component for display of real time tracking information.  Also available are GIS digital charts of the world or specific locations of interest.
  • CCTK web server component for users who have a requirement to display real time data over the web for monitoring at remote locations.
  • PCM Telemetry software options including telemetry simulation and bit sync capabilities.
  • Fieldbus/Interbus/Profinet interface solutions for incorporating standard industrial automation components into control systems.
  • Tracking/Radar interfaces for various manufacturers.
  • Surveillance radar interface software for various manufacturers.
  • Various time interface decoder options including IRIG UTC, IRIG UTC with GPS, and NASA-36 standards.
  • Interface options for various unattended ground sensors.
  • PTZ camera control interfaces.
  • Camera auto-track manager software for automating target tracking through software.
  • Synchronous serial interface capabilities to support older model radar and sensors.
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