Space Launch

Command and Control Technologies Corporation (CCT) was founded in 1997 as a spaceport technology company specializing in launch control and range safety automation. CCT has built a reputation as an organization that can deliver highly automated systems that advance the state of the art in space technology. CCT was originally founded to assist companies entering the fledgling commercial space marketplace. These companies required systems that did not inherit the costly and complicated approaches taken by the government ranges and large launch vehicle developers. CCT built a product line and engineering staff committed to challenging the status quo in the launch industry by providing an optimized combination of custom and off the shelf solutions for mission IT applications.

40_Ngt-fltCCT has proven it is possible to:

  • Reduce the number of people required to safely process and fly a launch system
  • Adopt a commercial off the shelf and network centric approach to launch and range automation without sacrificing safety or performance
  • Reduce the initial acquisition cost and recurring costs associated with launch processing automation
  • Satisfy the requirements of existing launch ranges without adopting outdated approaches and expensive implementations

CCT has proven capabilities in the following areas:

    • Launch control & payload operations
      • Future operations concepts
      • Automated test and checkout
      • Ignition control
      • Pad safety
      • GSE control & monitoring
      • Mission simulation & training
      • Cryogenics control & monitoring
    • Mission operation control center
      • Common operating picture
      • Situation awareness
      • Network interoperability
    • Spacelift range control
      • Mobile operations
      • Ordnance operations
      • Range safety
      • Telemetry & tracking
      • Commanding
      • Mission planning
      • Mission simulation & training
      • Data recording, reduction, & analysis
      • RF monitoring
    • Spaceport systems
  • Avionics test and checkout
  • Space Operations C2
  • Aerospace traffic control
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