CCT Releases Major Upgrade to Flagship Command and Control Toolkit™ Product

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TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA – July 1, 2013 – Command and Control Technologies Corporation has released a major upgrade for its Command and Control Toolkit™ software. The third major version of this NASA-licensed software technology focuses on customization features, industry standard interfaces, and high performance telemetry capabilities.

“We are excited to announce this new version of our flagship product,” said Peter Simons, President of CCT. “Our customers continue to place control of more and more operations onto their CCTK-based systems. As a result, they are requesting new features, higher performance, and richer customization options. CCTK 3.0 delivers those, and more.”

The new “fusion framework” allows operators to use built-in services for mission-specific data fusion, command sequencing, control logic, and data manipulation programs without writing programming code. The new framework augments the existing CCTK application programming interface. New standard communication interfaces allow CCTK to connect to other systems via widely-used protocols such as Profinet, reducing the time needed to integrate various control elements and creating affordable options for redundant, fault-tolerant solutions. Additional new features include expanded high-speed telemetry capabilities, improved Java web client, and an integrated simulation environment for modeling continuous real-time behavior of any system, target, or other device.

About Command and Control Toolkit

The CCTK software is an off-the-shelf framework for creating customized command and control systems. CCTK’s configurable building blocks are used to integrate distributed systems, sensors, and operators for automated and reliable mission operations. The scalable software architecture is capable of handling millions of data, command, control event, and message transactions each second. Using CCTK simplifies and enhances the process of building mission critical command and control systems by providing a working architecture and collection of reusable software tools. Systems created using CCTK are deployed faster, with greater reliability and enhanced operability.

About CCT

Command and Control Technologies Corporation provides real-time mission critical automation to help decision makers control their operations efficiently and effectively. Based in Titusville, Florida near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, CCT specializes in the design and development of highly automated control systems for mission critical applications like range control, space launch, automated perimeter security, and industrial process control. See for more information.

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