CCTK Interface Options

Farsync MultiPort Serial Controller:

Commonly used for RADAR/TSPI applications, the Farsync Multiport PCI communications controllersprovide the performance and reliability needed for high-speed serial communications. Full duplex data transfer rates up to 8 Mbps synchronous and asynchronous communications are support. Interface options include: RS-232, and RS-422/485, with octopus cable adapter and wrap test plug.

Tarsus PCM Telemetry Board Family:

The Tarsus board family of products is based on the latest advances in Altera FPGA technology with the latest data acquisition integrated circuits that creates a very versatile telemetry processor card. The board has the ability to perform many different unique data acquisition and telemetry processing functions including dual full digitally implemented bit synchronizers, PCM decommutators, simulators, multi-channel clock data recovery (CDR) modules, SGLS modulator/demodulator and many other data acquisition applications. The basis for the card is two 14-bit analog to digital paths into over 3 million gates of user configurable space. The card has two 12-bit high-speed digital to analog outputs that can also be user configurable. The FPGA configurations are downloadable via Ulyssix proprietary Windows application software.

Timing Reference Board:

bc635_637Symmetricom’s GPS bc637PCI-U receiver module provides precision time and frequency to the host computer and peripheral data acquisition systems. Precise time is acquired from the GPS satellite system or from time code signals such as IRIG B. GPS synchronization provides 1 microsecond accurate time to UTC and enables the bc637PCI-U to be an ideal master clock for synchronizing multiple computers to UTC. When combined with the CCTK NTP time management services, it provides all the time capabilities you will need.


One scalable network ready family of complete I/O solutions from Phoenix Contact.

PhoenixContact02INLINE Block:

  • 16 and 32 digital channels
  • Integrated fieldbus open interface
  • One compact module

INLINE Modular:

  • 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, I/O modularity
  • Complete I/O interface range
  • Distributed communications and control
  • Add/remove modules without disconnecting wiring

Common features:

  • Industry leading I/O diagnostics via the network
  • Din rail mounting for easy installation
  • Integrated fusing protects sensor and actuator wiring and reduces terminations in the control panel.

Fieldline: Machine Mount I/O: Provides a fully distributed, IP67 machine mounted I/O solution that is complimentary to Inline panel mount I/O:

  • Compatible with DeviceNetProfibusINTERBUS, and CANopen installations.
  • Integrated “T” and industry standard M12 connectors, with extensive diagnostics, lowers installed costs and start-up/maintenance tim20
  • Space saving, flexible, mounting I/O options meet the most demanding application needs.


CCTK comes standard with client server and peer networking support. No additional options are required. See the CCTK details for more information.

Custom Interfaces:

The CCTK development environment option provides software tools necessary for you to integrate your own real-time custom interface protocol or device. CCT also provides services for turnkey integration of custom CCTK interfaces. Contact us if you would like more information on CCTK interface options.

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