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Auto-Generated Semantic Processing Software

Widely distributed defense operations, a sustained space exploration effort, and emerging global business intelligence management require simultaneous operation of a network of systems that must be interoperable with a high degree of information integrity. Creation of these integrated networks demands new and innovative strategies for achieving interoperability that enhances mission effectiveness of future as well as legacy systems. Interoperability depends on a transparent understanding of protocols, semantics, and knowledge across disparate systems. Under both NASA and Air Force sponsored Phase II SBIR research, Command and Control Technologies has developed methods for using formal enterprise ontologies to auto-generate cross-platform information processing software suitable for modular integration into any weapon, spacecraft, ground processing, or embedded C2 system. The resulting technology significantly reduces development and recurring costs for legacy and future C2 systems that encode, decode, and process information; and will enhance interoperability by assuring data integrity and consistent interpretation of meaning between collaborating systems.

A central focus of this research is a concept called “Semantic Processing”. CCT has developed new innovative techniques for automatically creating semantic processing software from high level specifications, or domain ontology.

Semantic Processing Definition – “Deriving information from or encoding information into communication constructs (messages, packets, frames, streams, etc.) using a formal description (a common semantic) based on domain knowledge (the domain ontology)”.

Auto-Generated Semantic Processing (AGSP) Definition – “Using generative programming techniques to automatically generate custom/dedicated communications software solutions directly from high-level semantic specifications (XML metadata).”

Key Concepts

Emphasize specification, minimize implementation

  • Replace the design, implementation and debug of complex protocols, custom device mappings, and unique data manipulation algorithms with an XML metadata specification that maps to an abstract communications model
  • Interpret XML metadata specifications that describe complex communication constructs

Ensure system interoperability and exchange of normalized information

  • Provide device, platform, and protocol transparency to configure, generate and deploy multiple software communications services across multiple heterogeneous runtime environments
  • Enable semantic integrity gateways that bridge legacy and future architectures

Example Applications

Parse and build messages sent between heterogeneous systems

  • Perform device and platform specific data translations
  • Commutate and decommutate data values located anywhere in a stream of bits
  • Operate on synchronous bit stream or asynchronous packets

Perform linearization on raw measurements

Build commands or messages and check them against prerequisites

Synthesize and fuse data with equations or algorithms

Validate conditions and report alarms and events

  • Constraint violations
  • Change notification

Emerging New Product Offerings

CCT has incorporated this technology in to our Command and Control Product Line for creation of specialed data and commanding adapters. Other CCT products, such as Semantic Gateway and embeddable telemetry and command services also will soon use this technology. This AGSP will soon be available commercially, enabling communications interoperability for a broad host of legacy and future applications on a wide array of hardware architectures. For additional information check out these technology briefs: C3I semantic gateway, and Auto-generated Semantic Processing Services, or contact us for more information.

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