Real-Time Multi-Sensor Acquisition

SSTK supports a variety of sensor types and manufacturers:



    • Ground- STS/ ICX PRRS and RDTS, SR Hawk
    • Marine- Furuno, Sicon, Accipiter
    • Any ICD-0100 compliant radar






Unattended Ground Sensors- seismic, magnetic and passive infrared. 

    • Monitron – Seismic, Proximity, Infrared, etc.





Marine Automated Identification Systems (AIS)

    • Shine Micro – Class A & B





PTZ Cameras/Mounts

    • Pelco, Quickset, Cohu, and others



Blue Force GPS

New sensors and cameras are readily integrated to an SSTK system using common sensor templates. Common sensor acquisition features:

  • Sensor Command and Data Acquisition
  • Built in I/O support for serial, Ethernet (socket), Unix Pipe, file
  • Link Information Model
  • Control & Monitor Interface GUI
  • Report Health & Statistics
  • Record and Playback




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