Range Safety & Control

CCT systems provide reliable distributed measurement and control systems for industrial automation that support closed-loop control and interconnection with common SCADA busses. Industrial automation solutions are customer specific and are dedicated to the tasks of increasing productivity, reducing assembly and testing times, providing repeatable and controlled processes, ensuring quality control, improving operator safety and reducing cost.

CCT’s CCTK instrumentation and control platform provides easy-to-build, customizable, and turnkey measurement and control solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. When combined with other best in bread automation hardware and software, such as the Innerbus automation I/O line fromPhoenix Contact, CCT systems are an ideal fit for any complex industrial automation problem.

CCT has proven capabilities in the following areas:

  • Enterprise plant command and control
    • Situation awareness
    • Network centric operations
    • Simulation & training
    • Data recording, reduction, & analysis
    • PC based automation
    • Process control
    • Distributed I/O
    • Control cabinets
    • HMI