Defense Systems

CCT produces software for defense professionals that enables you to better manage mission-critical operations by raising productivity, improving accuracy, and eliminating, time, cost, and risk associated with custom software development.

Our command and control systems collect intelligence and information from sensors and other relevant sources, process and analyze the information and provide the results to the user, giving him total situational awareness.

In an intelligent move away from traditional defense approaches, command and control solutions from CCT make extensive use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software. This provides you with proven reliability and shorter development time.

CCT has proven capabilities in the following areas:

    • C4ISRMDAInterceptShadow
      • Common operating picture
      • Situation awareness
      • Network centric operations
    • Range control, test & evaluation
      • Mobile operations
      • Ordnance operations
      • Range safety
      • Telemetry & tracking
      • Commanding
      • Mission simulation & training
      • Data recording, reduction, & analysis
    • Tactical & strategic communications
      • Tactical data links
      • Communications Gateways
      • Link Simulation
      • Stream & data semantic processing
    • Missile Defense
      • Missile launch/fire control
      • Mission planning
    • Avionics test and checkout
  • Space Operations C2

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