Border & Maritime Security

The increasingly complex environment of the U.S. borders drives the requirement for the presentation and interactive control of the stream of information arriving from the various data sources and sensors deployed. The Situation Awareness picture becomes fragmented without the benefit of data fusion and correlation to present a true picture from all information sources. CCT’s command and control middeware can address these issues. It will provide local, state, and federal agencies the tools necessary to deny access and use of our ports, borders, and coastal regions for transporting illegal persons, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and contraband across U.S. borders.

CCT solutions can help you secure assets, mitigate security threats, and make fast, effective emergency decisions. Our focus is on physical security, information assurance, and emergency response/management. Our solutions provide IT infrastructures, tools, and processes that protect information and support decision-making. With secure access to the right information at the right time in the right context, decision makers can more easily detect, respond to, and recover from security threats.

Using Security and Surveillance Toolkit technology, CCT offers a streamlined path to  many critical security capabilities:

    • Emergency management/response
      • Fixed & mobile control centers
      • GIS mapping & tracking
      • Common operating picture
      • Situation awareness
      • Network centric operations
      • Force training & simulation
    • Physical Security
      • Surveillance systems
      • Access control & intrusion detection

Information assurance

    • Network & computer security technology
    • Data integrity and protection