CCT Announces New Surveillance Software Package for Border and Perimeter Security

TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA – March 1, 2013 – Command and Control Technologies Corporation announces the commercial release of its new border and perimeter security software product. Branded as the Security & Surveillance Toolkit™, the new product offers a low cost solution for integrating real-time data from a variety of video, radar, and other sensors to identify, characterize, and track physical threats based on suspicious patterns of movement and other trends. Also known as SSTK, the configurable package provides security operators an intuitive real-time, geo-referenced, common operating picture coupled with automated threat prioritization, interrogation and interdiction tasking. SSTK can integrate sensors and other surveillance equipment to efficiently secure borders, perimeters, seaports, oil and gas facilities, utilities and other high value wide area installations.

“Our new Security and Surveillance Toolkit product goes beyond common video analytics commonly found in competing products,” said Peter Simons, CEO. “Capabilities of the tools and techniques we have developed over the past 12 years that integrate data from launch range radar, cameras, and other tracking sensors for space launch already exceed what is on the perimeter security market today, so it was a natural next step for the company.”

Security systems based on SSTK software have been deployed along the U.S. borders. In Michigan, the U.S. Coast Guard has demonstrated how the technology can pick out suspicious marine traffic in Lake Michigan among crowded holiday boating traffic. In Arizona, the U.S. Customs and Border Agency is using an early version of SSTK software to identify illegal border crossings and manage interdiction activity.