Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport Pad 0A Control System

Executive Overview
March, 2012

Command and Control Technologies Corporation (CCT) is under contract to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport to build, install, & validate the WFF Pad 0A Universal Ground Control System.

Command and Control Technologies Corporation (CCT) is a Florida based small business specializing in decision focused situation awareness and automation for space, defense, and security Applications.

The Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority (VCSFA) is developing a new launch pad to support mid-class, liquid oxygen(LO2)/kerosene (RP-1) fueled launch vehicles

  • NASA Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) LaunchPad 0A
  • Planned Completion: April, 2012
  • Multi-use launch facility

Orbital Sciences Corp will be the 1st user of the new launch complex, flying the newly developed Antares launch system in support ISS cargo and resupply.  Orbital is a key stakeholder and is substantially contributing to the technical requirements/features of the pad.  A key feature of the new launch complex is a Universal Control System (UGFCS).

  • Provides automated remote control and monitoring of all pad systems
  • Reconfigurable/Extensible for vehicle and mission specific requirements

UGFCS Scope Summary

  • Remote control and monitoring of pad systems
    • Automatic fill/drain of liquid and gas commodities
      • LO2, RP-1, GHe, GN2, LN2
    • Automatic sequencing of Deluge Systems
    • Supervisory control of Vehicle & Payload Env Control Sys (ECS)
    • Supervisory control of Vehicle Transporter/Erector (TEL)
  • Operator situation awareness:
    • Systems Health & Status, Caution & Warning, Alerts/Advisories.
    • Mode Control: Automated and Manual operation
  • Time synchronization/correlation and Control
  • Historical data archive and data reduction services
  • Integrated interactive pad simulation
  • Remote web based NRT pad monitoring
  • Capable of operating stand alone or in concert with launch vehicle command and control.
    • Includes extensible features to support vehicle specific Conops

FCS Architecture Overview
Software architecture based on COTS Command and Control Toolkit™ C2 Framework

  • Orbital selected same framework for vehicle launch ops command and control
  • COTS T-Zero Sequencer provides Timeline management

COTS servers and workstations interconnected via standard network communications.  COTS distributed industrial I/O for GSE and Vehicle interfaces.

  • PROFINET Industrial Ethernet Ground Control Network
  • Gateways to other protocols
    • EtherNet/IP
    • ModBus

Fault Tolerant / Redundancy / Bumpless Failover

  • Software,Servers,Workstations,Networks,CriticalI/O
  • Significantly leverages COTS redundancy technology

Development limited to UGFCS specific adaptations