KSC Space Mirror

CCT Corporation Supports the Astronauts Memorial Space Mirror
Kennedy Space Center, FL

The Astronauts Memorial Foundation’s Space Mirror memorial is a unique blend of art and science and a fitting tribute to the astronauts honored for their service. Dedicated in 1991 by Vice President Dan Quayle, the Space Mirror was designated a national memorial by Congress and President George Bush.

Command and Control Technologies Corporation maintains the computer control systems for the Space Mirror under contract to the Astronaut’s Memorial Foundation. A computer program tilts and rotates the Space Mirror during daylight hours to pick up the sun’s rays on the rear of the memorial at just the precise angle to project the sunlight through the names of the astronauts, which are engraved through the granite. The letter spaces are filled with crystal clear acrylic, minutely jagged on the front side to diffuse the light. Powerful lights automatically illuminate the astronauts’ names during the evening and on cloudy days. More information on the Astronaut’s Memorial Foundation can be found at www.amfcse.org.

Command and Control Technologies is responsible for maintaining the computer and electrical control systems which calculate the sun’s position and command the large motors which position the mirror’s face by controlling the tilt angle and rotation. The computer system is a combination of personal computer components and industrial programmable logic devices.