ARISE Range Safety System Simulator

CCT recently delivered the PC based version of it’s Command and Control product line configured for range safety simulation to the NASA Wallops Flight Facility (WFF). The system will support the Advanced Range Integrated Simulation Environment (ARISE) with real-time radar, telemetry, weather, and timing interfaces; as well as software tools for mission simulation and range safety decision support. Using the CCTK modal runtime operations and the integrated simulation tools that come standard with CCTK, WFF will be able to record live mission data, play-it back off-line with selective simulation models. They will also be able to construct virtual operations models to experiment with future approaches to range operations. The simulation shown above is based on a Navy fleet training exercise for engagement of enemy target drones commonly executed off the eastern shore adjacent to WFF. The diagram below shows a high level representation of the CCTK simulation architecture.

WFF initiated ARISE to develop a simulator capable of emulating through both hardware and software in an integrated manner, the full spectrum of systems involved in range operations. ARISE will include systems that emulate the vehicle, the range, and external participating elements such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and satellite data relay constellations. ARISE will offer a unique national capability that will serve multiple purposes including a testbed in which new range or vehicle technologies (hardware, software, or processes) can be integrated for validation and demonstration. ARISE is identified as one of the ground and vehicle automation technology implementation tasks in the Wallops Test Range Technology Roadmap.

Anticipated Benefits. ARISE will serve as a testbed in which new range or vehicle technologies (hardware, software, or processes) can be integrated for validation, demonstration, and operational functionality without requiring active range systems. It will enable pre-launch system testing/certification and training of operations personnel without using active range systems, enabling more cost effective ground and flight technology development, training, and system certification testing.