Case Studies

Border & Transportation Security Data, Sensor, & Alert – Fusion Center (DSA-FC) – CCT recently completed the 1st phase of the command and control segment of DOHS sponsored pilot project. The new system integrates sensory data (radar, seismic, infrared, and proximity) with fusion, auto-tracking cameras, auto-dispatch blue force, and a universal common operating picture for streamlined border patrol operations.

Semantic Gateways – CCT is conducting Air Force and NASA sponsored research that will revolutionize interoperability for systems-of-systems command and control.

New Methods for Telemetry and Command Definition – CCT is conducting NASA sponsored research to provide an advanced data description exchange approach for space/spaceport systems that will provide a generic platform independent software capability for exchange of semantic control and monitoring information.

ARISE Range Safety Simulator – CCT recently delivered the PC based version of it’s Command and Control product line configured for range safety simulation to the NASA Wallops Flight Facility (WFF). The system will support the Advanced Range Integrated Simulation Environment (ARISE) with real-time radar, telemetry, weather, and timing interfaces; as well as software tools for mission simulation and range safety decision support.

Range Data Acquisition for Wallops Flight Facility – Engineers at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility are upgrading their range data acquisition and control infrastructure. Wallops’ Real-Time software engineering branch purchased CCT’s commercial RangeNet™ launch range software for the Range Data Acquisition and Computation Systems (RADAC) upgrade. As part of NASA’s Advanced Range Technology Initiative (, the new RADAC system will support current and future launches with smaller operations staff while improving safety and reducing cost.

Liquid Fueling Facility Takes Shape – CCT recently delivered the mobile Liquid Fueling Facility Control System to NASA and the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority. The system will be used to provide Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, and high pressure gas control capabilities in support of commercial launch vehicles that will operate from the mobile facility. The custom control system was an excellent example of CCT Command and Control Product Line adaptability since the entire system was developed and delivered in less than 60 days.

Intelligent Launch and Range Operations Testbed – CCT and NASA have developed a concept and prototype for an advanced “testbed” facility for investigating new space transportation and operational concepts that could reduce operations cost and complexity of future launch vehicles.

Spaceport Florida Authority Complex 20 – With an eye on breaking the mold at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Spaceport, the Spaceport Florida Authority has created a new launch complex to test new “minimal launch campaign” operations concepts.

Kodiak Launch Complex Spaceport Control System

Portable Payload Test & Verification System – CCT, Boeing and NASA are developing a new approach to preparing spacecraft for launch that will significantly cut processing time at the launch site by solving the “unique” spacecraft interface dilemma and other classic payload processing problems.

Space Shuttle Checkout and Launch Control System – CCT is providing software development and systems architecture support to the development of the next generation Space Shuttle launch processing systems.

Astronauts’ Memorial Space Mirror

Space Shuttle Fuel Cell Telemetry Processing System

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